Kaplaaki Alumni association

Kaplaaki Alumni Ry is an association for former Kaplaaki members who have graduated. As a member of the Kaplaaki Alumni association, you can participate in the network of former Kaplaaki members who are now top experts in Industrial Engineering and Management and involved in working life. The membership creates opportunities for networking and the development of professional competence.

What does the Kaplaaki Alumni association do?

The association maintains a network of its members and organises various networking, training and recreation events for its members. The biggest and most important of these events is the Täyskymppi class reunion held every autumn. The reunion brings together students who began their studies in Industrial Engineering and Management 10 years ago. The event participants get to meet their old peers, network with other experts in the field, and familiarise themselves with what is going on with the university and technology student culture these days. Kaplaaki Alumni also maintains a professional LinkedIn-ryhmää, and provides information about potential work placement and Master’s thesis places for current students through the Kaplaaki student association.

What does the membership mean?

Those who have completed their Bachelor of Science (Technology), Master of Science (Technology) or Doctor of Science (Technology) degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at the LUT University are eligible as members. The member fee is EUR 50. Members pay it only once when joining the association. There are no later payments. Those who fulfill the criteria, have submitted an application and who have paid the subsequent membership fee will be admitted to the alumni association at the Kaplaaki Alumni association Board meeting, which is held once every 1 to 2 months.

Would you like to be the contact person for your class?

We need contact persons for the different classes to help us reach as many LUT alumni as possible. If you are interested in becoming the contact person for your class or know someone who could become one, please contact us by email.


Apply for membership

As an industrial engineering and management alumni from LUT University, you are entitled to apply for membership in the Kaplaaki Alumni association. Apply with the below form!