Cooperation with Kaplaaki and Kapital

How to combine working life and the latest competences? Kaplaaki is an association of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) students at the LUT University. Kaplaaki has been bringing LUT’s IEM students together ever since 1974. The key objectives of the guild’s activities include advocating for the members, the promotion of studies and the organisation of benefits and additional activities to counterbalance studies. Kapital is established in Lahti in the end of 2023. More information about Kapital activities will be updated soon.

The guild aims to bring companies and members closer together. As a result, it provides its members with an opportunity to get to know the business world starting in the first year of studying. Kaplaaki cooperates with companies representing various fields, for example, by organising interesting events where companies and students can network with each other. Kaplaaki aims to involve companies as extensively as possible so that its activities bring clear added value for both students and companies.

The goal of Kaplaaki is to particularly develop its long-term cooperation with companies. A significant goal of the cooperation is to enable Kaplaaki’s partners to get to know future top experts from the university world face-to-face. Agreements tailored for each company are always concluded with the partners to ensure that the partnership is as comprehensive as possible and benefits both parties.

Various forms of cooperation:

  • Adverts in student overalls
  • Company logo on Kaplaaki’s website
  • Company visits, i.e. excursions, workshops, case sessions held in evenings and after work events
  • Visibility in Kaplaaki’s communications and social media channels for the company’s own marketing and recruitment ads
  • Anniversaries
  • Sittings and other events
  • Membership benefits
  • Academic cooperation
  • Kaplaaki Network

Kaplaaki Network:

Kaplaaki Network is a genuine form of cooperation for companies that are interested in deeper cooperation with a student association. Kaplaaki Network is a form of cooperation between Kaplaaki and its official Network partners. The network offers companies versatile and long-term cooperation with Kaplaaki. The Network cooperation enables companies to build effective cooperation with students, which provides the partner companies in the Kaplaaki Network with a great opportunity to create continuous visibility among the Kaplaaki members. Companies are part of LUT’s Industrial Engineering and Management students’ daily life as well as celebrations, and they are visible in various ways in the guild activities. The Kaplaaki Network cooperation can be formed of the following basic elements that are just right for your company:

  • Company visits and presentations
  • Advertising, building your image and sponsorship
  • Other joint events
Please do not hesitate to contact Kaplaaki’s corporate relations manager, suggest collaboration or ask for more information:
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